Ultime isole

Paolo Barbaro

Ultime isole

Paolo Barbaro
Ultime isole cover.

"Last Islands" where the Venetian lagoon is lost between mudflats and sandbanks, are inhabited by an amphibious humanity, which wants to resist the homologation of urban development, but ends up not being able to escape history.

This is where Paolo Barbaro, a young engineer, deals with the precariousness that pervades matter and human relationships.

In a kaleidoscope of departures and returns that unfold over the span of three stories, Barbaro delves into the bowels of post-war Venice, crowded and chaotic, narrating a world on the brink of disappearance with a unique style.

A portrait that unexpectedly projects us into the Venice of the future, which only starting from the inseparable bond between water and its people will be able to found its future.

With this book, which won the Comisso Prize in 1992, we bring back on bookshelves an author of great literary sensitivity, a profound connoisseur of Venice, unjustly forgotten by the publishing world.

The text is accompanied by a preface by Tiziano Scarpa.


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