R.C. Davis
Il giocattolo del mondo
26 May 2022
210 × 140 mm, 328 pp.

Venice is the most touristic city in the world: but how did it become so over the centuries? And what are the implications for those who lived there, and still live there? This is the starting point for the historical research that Robert C. Davis begun over twenty years ago together with anthropologist Garry R. Marvin, translated here for the first time in Italian, in a revised and updated edition.

An illuminating portrait of the transformations experienced by the city in recent decades, Davis' book analyses Venetian society and culture in depth, revealing both lights and shadows.

Il Giocattolo del Mondo is an essential reading to understand the history of the city beyond the commonplaces, delving into its real complexity. A text that talks about Venice to talk about the whole world, where the tourist industry thrive endlessly, transforming places and cultures of every corner of the planet.


Robert C. Davis was Professor of History at The Ohio State University and is a leading expert on the social and cultural history of Venice. He is the author of several works on the city and its history, including: Costruttori di navi a Venezia(Neri Pozza, 1997), La guerra dei pugni (Jouvence, 1997), The Jews of Early Modern Venice (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001), and Venice, The Tourist Maze (with Garry R. Marvin, University of California Press, 2004).

Il giocattolo del mondo cover.