Peregrinazioni Lagunari

P. Codato

Peregrinazioni Lagunari

P. Codato
Peregrinazioni Lagunari cover.

Peregrinazioni lagunari (Lagoon wanderings) is the title of a famous Venetian popular song which narrates the itinerary of a boatman through the Venice lagoon.

Following in their footsteps, the book explores the same places from the perspective of environmental human sciences, giving life to a contemporary pilgrimage in the lagoon urban ecosystem.

Wandering from the glass furnaces of Murano to the recycling plants of Fusina, from the vegetable gardens of Vignole to the shops of Burano, from the privatized islands of the Southern Lagoon to the port mouth of San Nicolò del Lido, the author accompanies us - by kayak, vaporetto or on foot - on a highly original journey through environments now more than ever threatened by capitalist logic. A book made of encounters, memories and small pieces caught here and there, which with its fresh gaze invites us to rediscover more and less well-known corners of the territory.

Preface by Giovanni Dell'Olivo.

Cartography by Studio Saor.

About the author

Petra Codato, graduated in Environmental Humanities at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, is a PhD student in Human Geography at the Center for Water Cultures from the University of Hull, England, where she works on communities to adapt to the effects of climate change in coastal areas.

Giovanni Dell'Olivo is General Director of the Venice Foundation and has held administrator roles in important cultural bodies and foundations in theterritory. He is also a musician, singer-songwriter, author of theater and song shows and a lover of ethnopopular music.