Mal di terra

N. Schultz

Mal di terra

N. Schultz
Mal di terra cover.

A heat wave hits Paris. In the sweltering night, the author's life is turned upside down by the effects of the climate crisis.

The city's landmarks are shattered. To escape the heat, dizziness and questions, he tries to escape, to isolate himself. Direction: the idyllic sun of Porquerolles and its crystalline waters.

But even there, reality leaves no way out. In this auto-ethnographic investigation, the author investigates our new climatic condition based on his experiences, his encounters and his thoughts over a few days. Logbook of an imaginary journey on the edge of the Anthropocene, this story takes us from Paris to Porquerolles, from the heat wave to the disappearance of an island, from the fight for sleep to that for territory.

The text is accompanied by a preface by Emanuele Coccia.


Nikolaj Schultz is a Danish sociologist - University of Copenhagen, former author, together with Bruno Latour, of Mémo sur la Nouvelle Classe Écologique (Éditions La Découverte, 2022).

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Nikolaj Schultz è un sociologo danese dell’Università di Copenhagen, già autore, assieme a Bruno Latour, di Mémo sur la Nouvelle Classe Écologique (Éditions La Découverte, 2022).