wetlands is a publishing project. Born in Venice, in 2021.

wetlands is narrative through nonfiction reflection and thought in narrative key. It has a deliberately hybrid nature that defies definition.

wetlands is the need and the desire to move in the transitional spaces, between land and water.

wetlands is the intersection of gazes on the life and future of Venice and all those places that share its fragility and potential.

wetlands is here, but it's elsewhere too.

Born as a space for the development of critical knowledge and perspective renewal within the larger ReActiVe civic project, wetlands starts from the Venice Lagoon, its criticalities and its resources, to rethink the way in which the communities that inhabit this uniqueness are represented and represent themselves.

wetlands deals with environmental, urban, social, anthropological and cultural themes, intertwining international perspectives with ideas generated in Venice and endowed with a global value, to rediscover images enriched by the gaze of the other.

wetlands is a carbon neutral project with a local supply chain: all the books are composed, produced and printed in Venice, on eco-sustainable paper, by local labor.

wetlands is a non-profit social enterprise. Its path is inspired by the principles of equality, participation, enhancement of diversity, respect for the environment, cultural pluralism..

The project

wetlands is a publishing project focussed on the themes of social and environmental sustainability and the challenges of the Anthropocene. The editorial proposal moves around the intersection between fiction and non-fiction, promoting texts that touch on environmental, urban, social, anthropological and cultural issues. The city of Venice, seen as a metaphor for global problems and solutions, is at the centre of wetlands’ projects, which couples international perspectives and local ideas, renown names and new writers, narration and research. The authors of wetlands are mainly international and always high-profile. 

Our series

Mude - Books that relate Venice with other cities and situations around the world. The authors are mainly international. 

Fondamenta - Books focussed on the city of Venice, its environment and history, through original perspectives.

Barene - Books on Environmental Humanities, in cooperation with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.


Editorial board: Arianna Silvestrini, Clara Zanardi, Enrico Bettinello, Giacomo Maria Salerno, Luca Cosentino, Lucio De Capitani, Shaul Bassi, Serenella Iovino

Editorial staff: Arianna Silvestrini, Clara Zanardi, Enrico Bettinello, Giacomo Maria Salerno, Luca Cosentino, Lucio De Capitani, Edoardo Ferrari, Elena Scarpa